Friday, July 16, 2010

Attention Whore Disease

Rejoice; I'm back.

My family is filled with people with fucked up senses of humor. I appreciate them very much so. A few days ago that my brother has Stage 4 liver cancer. Stage 4 meaning "It's spreading". Needless to say, jokes ensued. About the spreading, not the cancer. That part sucks.

So my brother calls me at 7am to tell me has six months to live. I'm like dude, you have shitty timing with jokes. He says, Well, I have six months to get the timing right. See? THAT'S funny.

He goes on to say, his cancer is an attention whore. It's going around to all his other organs drama-queen style. So now people reading my timeline are like "Wait, cancer isn't funny" I don't want to laugh at that. But yea, we laugh.

That's why I prefaced this random rant with "my family has a fucked up sense of humor". Anyways, back to business. Show me your tits, it's for breast cancer awareness.