Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm going to blow your back out, again

I've been having some serious back pain since last Monday. Finally tapped out and went to doctors office today. After a couple of perfectly timed bone(r) jokes, the nurse offered to give me a check up. She had warm hands. Doctor suggested I get some x-rays. Nurse was having technical difficulty; took several faulty x-rays. I kept making inappropriate hulk jokes due to over exposure to radiation. Asked nurse to check me for "unusual growth". Nurse asked me to take off any metal. I removed belt, pants were around ankles. She said "not yet, that's after drinks"

Moral of the story: Even though it was cold in the x-ray room I still got her number, a bulging disc on my back, and vicodin.

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jayare20k said...

this is the worst porn script i've ever read.