Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A/C Slayer

I have managed to cleverly devised yet a new nick name for my accident prone condo/poon-palace/batchelor pad. It shall now be known as "Death of AC Slayer". Yes, its a play on words.. ac slater, being the 90s pop icon from saved by the bell.

Just for some background AC compressor managed to commit suicide tonight by drowning itself, and the rest of my condo along with it. It appearantly became somehow "backed up", and caused my entire unit to implode. By the time I came home, my entire place was 2 inches of cold-death-water deep. I now have hours of phone-tag with the preverbial fucks at my flood insurance company to look forward to tomorrow, along with a/c repairman shopping. Hurray for me, and Hurray for my emo-A/C unit.


AC Compressor, you are dead to me.

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