Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lesson learned - dont click my links


I absolutely meant it; do not click my links.

lesson two:

waK : yo
waK : i found a dope btich in ga
waK : video of
waK : how to swallow ur man
waK : rofl
j a x x : wow
waK : suckin on a ice cream thing
waK : owns
waK : on myspace
waK : this is nuts
waK : a x x: prof head hos
j a x x: i think imma start fucking fat chicks
j a x x: they cause alot less problems
waK : lol.
j a x x: i hope she uses her hands on my dick not her hair
j a x x: and i hope she dont make those inet ho faces
waK : rofl.
waK : rofl!
waK : dsjndsv
j a x x: i fucking hate you yo
waK : rofl 5^
j a x x: son
j a x x: i can always tell
waK : rofl
waK : 5^
j a x x: cus my dick dont get hard when it should
j a x x: im like..uhm...the fuck..wait..gaydar going off...cock losing blood pressuure TRANNY ALERT TRANNY ALERT
j a x x: man i wonder about you
j a x x: you find shemales and trannys wayyy too often
j a x x: how do i stop u from linking me to shemales
j a x x: i put u on a donot link list?
waK : just ask.
j a x x: thats not something u ask of people
j a x x : so hey franky can u not link me to shemales i like tits even yours
j a x x: no..thats wrong
j a x x: www.fuckashemale.orgwaK : rofl
waK : i wont do it again.
j a x x: your lying man
j a x x: you lyin like a fat bitch in a chatroom sayin she thick
waK : jaxx.
waK : you have been blogged.
j a x x: is that like punishment or a reward
j a x x: =..
i hunt waK: lol could be both
i hunt waK: its a warning to alll
j a x x: lol
j a x x: i dont know nobody who reads your blogs anyway
j a x x: i dont think
i hunt waK: beware of the link
i hunt waK: ;[
i hunt waK: plenty do.
j a x x: because you have a shemale obsession?
j a x x: no
j a x x: I DONT KNOW anyone
i hunt waK: ur just trying to hurt my feelings now
j a x x: your hurt feelings is lesser than my hurt sexual ego which gets punished everytime you shemale link me
i hunt waK: lol
j a x x: and you been gettin slick too
j a x x: where you kinda dont link to shemales for a while
j a x x: then BOOM

MUWHAHAHAHAHA. :rubs hands quickly:

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