Wednesday, May 20, 2009

mother eff ur laugh

Yes, another random rant about people with annoying laughs. They have to know how annoying their laugh is right? How can they not? They have to be at least slightly self aware right? I mean I know I am dominican and awesome. And why is it these people are the people that laugh more than other people? People with normal laughs aren't out there constantly laughing. They go out and laugh when a laugh is warranted. Like when a midget gets donkey-punched by a fat chick. But people with annoying laughs? They laugh at absolutely everything. These bastards think Amanda Bynes is funny. They watch Friends. And laugh. They own Dane Cook albums. And listen to them. I can't freaking take it. I have been almost constantly listening to my iPod the last few days, but every time I take out my earphones, I am aurally assaulted by some jackass with a laugh that replicates someone stabbing me in the ears with a steak knife. Only without the subsequent sweet relief of no longer being able to hear.

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