Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hard job to pull off

so word...for some reason i always seem to end up dating girls with some sort of self-issues... because of this...getting beyond third base is an even bigger leap than usually.

...we had gone to bed like so many times before and were doing the "mutual masturbation" thing... unfortunately it wasnt quite mutual. that i meam... i was doing it fairly right from the sound of it... but her idea of masturbating me was still pretty much grabbing my private parts more than firmly enough and jerking them as if she were trying to pull them loose. it hurt. A LOT.

she had self-issues and i tried my best to not fuel them... but i had to stop her...not for me, but the safety and health of my "junk" was simply not enjoyable in even the most remote sense. ofcourse she burst into tears over it, and what started as a steamy evening ended with me trying to awkwardly comfort a girl who was absolutely convinced she was a complete failure as a woman.

fuck you sex and the city for giving her that idea.


(editor’s note: my manmeat is a-okay now, thanks)

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