Wednesday, May 20, 2009

and another thing...

seriously...nowadays i go through my day and end up infuriated.. fuming.. seething and LIVID at the sheer vast numbers of imbeciles who think that resorting to profanity, obscenities and scatology is the only way to communicate their own indignation. word

trust me when i say...i have nothing against "bad language" in moderation. I use it, and there's nothing better when you whack your thumb with a hammer.. for instance. several long-winded descriptions of various sexual and filthy perversions are just the thing to distract you from that tooth-loosening bolt of pain..word ..but when morons resort to using these same terms to convey awe, amazement, approval or petty peevishness, it really gets "my goat by the throat". yea.. heres an idea for all you foul-mouthed ranters out there, including the ones on myspace who think that profanity AND NOTHING ELSE will convey their fury and rage. why dont you try writing a rant WITHOUT those terms for once? word...for instance, you often resort to calling an ex or your boss by a term alluding to illicit parentage. uh...well, ive got news for you idiots: thats not even a pejorative any more! uh actually..i know several celebrities born illegitimately. so what? why does it mean anything horrible? why dont you get creative, and refer to said offender as the underbelly of a scum-sucking creature slithing through muck in the foulest, most fetid swamp in the loathsome jungles of Venus, for example? much more entertaining to read, and it gets the point across just as well. matter fact...better. its more likely to get my vote because its actually ORIGINAL. you who resort to profanity and obscenity exclusively havent an original bone in your whole entire maggot-eaten putrid-smelling carcass.

really the best insults ive ever read have usually been free of "those" words. theres a scene in The Shining where a character cuts someone off in traffic because hes having a psychic vision. then the other driver invites him to perform an illegal sex act on himself, to engage in congress with various rodents and birds.. and believes that he met the drivers mother in a New Orleans house of prostitution. now THATS a lot funnier than simply saying those tiresome words which we've all heard a gazillion times before. that means clean up your mouths, people! or perhaps I should make it clearer for all you who still dont get it: Take your cocksucking, motherfucking, shitty dick sucking bitching and shove every last filthy polysyllable right up your ass with the rest of your crap...WORD

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