Wednesday, May 20, 2009

missed clothesline opportunity

Yesterday while I was walking to my car after having dinner I seriously witnessed the following...

A girl was jogging. Her phone beeped. She stopped, text messaged someone and then continued running.


Strike One: You're running, while in my mind I am still enjoying my Caramel Cheesecake delight.

Strike Two: In the midst of your pseudo-healthy routine, you stop and give yourself brain cancer via cell phone.

Seriously! You couldn't go 30 minutes without access to text messages while you ran? In addition, you had to stop running to text message this person back? How important could that text message have been?

I seriously thought about clotheslining this idiot when she ran past me after texting someone. But I was still so shocked by those events that I missed my opportunity. But I swear to you, if I ever witness this again there will not be a strike three; I refuse to miss my opportunity to clothesline an idiot like that.

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