Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dead to me - TOO FUR PRAS OF WON

Clark Kent, consider yourself lucky. I am going to give you a pass on being dead to me...but only for showing up at my spot, saying your not going to drink, then playing beer-bong jenga (a brand new game devised, I like it to playing Russian Roulette with only one empty chamber), which eventually led to a heated rivalry game where you defended the honor of Larger-Than-Life-Cuban-Super-Heroes (if there is any) against the dominican dominator(named moons ago by Crazy Jorge).

However, you left a nearly full beer. So since I can't call you out, I will call out people who leave nearly full beers laying around. You are dead to me.

If you can't drink the whole beer, DON'T open the damn thing. It's a waste. Its not like you can open a beer, not finish it and just toss it in the fridge and finish it tomorrow. Beer is not something that you can just leave around. Once it opens, it's a race to finish it before it becomes skunky.

Secondly, it's a matter of personal responsibility to finish something you open. Didn't your parents teach that you are supposed to finish things you start? Didn't it start for you at the dinner table where your parents wouldn't let you leave the table till you finished your plate? Personal responsibility people. Step up and finish what you started.

So people who don't finish your beer, you are dead to me.

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