Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i cum marshmellows

Of all the places in the world to get hit on by an old lady...

Alright, so here I am in the Publix Deli-Meat section shopping for random sandwich goodies. As I am making mental notes of all of the borderline humorous advertising (SOFTEST MEAT YOU EVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH- classic) This 60+ year old lady is asking me what kind of "meat" she should try today... ofcourse I HAVE to comment. Unfortunate for the world (self included) I don’t pocess that "self control" gene, I really can’t stop myself and i blurt out without hesitation "the dominican sausage is good on any day"

::fast forward awkward sexual-small talk::

This is where it gets weird... She says with a GIANT grin on her face:

"You look like you cum marshmellows"

We did not trade phone numbers, we did however exchange "shopping hours"...

the end for now.


editors note: 40 years ago, she was more than likely obscenely hot.

in the other hand, i wasn’t born yet.

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