Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dead to me mondays

In the past I attempted to write helpful bi-weekly tutorials on "How to" etc... but appearantly I am not that helpful of a person... I am however filled with hatred which leads to my current epiphany....

Going forward I shall write.. "Dead To Me" snapshots into the deep recess of my black heart. ENJOY

So as I was sitting at my computer checking my email... roughly 10 car alarms went off in my neighborhood. Awesome, I love the sound of car alarms in the morning.
So people with car alarms, you are dead to me.

Eh... Anyone? when was the last time a car alarm went off and you even looked to determine where it was coming from? The car alarm has become merely a nuisance, and in no way protects your car. If I was stealing your car, and set off the alarm, and someone came up to me (which first off would never happen because I am large dominican male... no one cares when a car alarm goes off. NO ONE) I would just say I can't find my clicker, and they would absolutely buy that and not care, and probably help you turn off the alarm.
CAR ALARMS ARE WORTHLESS. If someone wants to steal your car, the fact that your car makes annoying noises while they are doing it isn't going to do shit. Deal with it.
So again I repeat... people with car alarms, you are dead to me.

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