Wednesday, May 20, 2009

observations from a pirate party

1. First things first: Wenches are awesome.
2. Surprisingly, having a faux parrot wired and duct-taped to your shoulder is not particularly comfy. Who knew, really?
3. Eh...Is there anything worse than a mis-tapped keg, leads to foamy pours for the rest of the keg? Isnt there an unwritten rule that if you dont know how to properly tap a keg you let someone who can do it? This is for the benefit of all. (thou shall not waste beer)
4. Guys can always talk sports to each other. Under ANY circumstances. What is the equivalent of this phenomenon for girls? These are things I would like to know.
5. Dissappointed that there were no Bobby Wommack sitings at this party.


I believe the next scheduled theme party is a Kid-N-Play Pajama Jammy Jam. Oh yes, I know you wish you'd thought of it first. I shall keep you posted. =)


editors note: pictures coming soon ;x

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